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How to Write Great Web Copy

Strong copywriting has always been an essential element of any marketing campaign, but it is even more crucial when it comes to online marketing. Effective copywriting is an absolute must for businesses that want to attract, retain and convert customers online.

There is a growing demand for quality web copywriters, because writing effective copy is difficult to begin with, and writing for the web is even harder.

Consider the following tips for better copywriting:

Keep it Short and Sweet

There is no magic bullet when it comes to copy length. The important thing to remember is that the attention spans of web users are quite short.

The best way to keep web copy short is to put the overall message in the beginning of the copy. By catching a user’s interest up front, there is a good chance that they will read the details and remain on the page longer.

Connect with Users.

Regardless of the subject matter, it is important to get your reader to laugh, smile, or even cry. The key is to draw some sort of emotion.

It is also important not to mimic the tone of your competitor, so he suggests reviewing your copy and consider offering a new angle that can help set you apart.

Focus on your Tone

Once you become passionate about your subject matter, you will easily find your tone.

When writing, sometimes it can feel like you are going through the motions. If this happens, try engaging in a different activity, something that is inspiring, and then get back to writing the content.

Use Calls to Action

When it comes to writing web copy, calls to action are your most important asset. Calls to action are the key to unlocking the power of your business because they direct customers to where you want them to go and what you want them to do.

Calls to action should be short and very specific. They should be three words or less.

Don’t Let SEO Be Your Guide

Always remember that you are writing for your visitors first and the search engines second. Keep SEO in mind, but never let it be the focus of your writing.

SEO can be achieved through image names and alt tags, as well as through the use of keywords in subheads, page titles and body copy.



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